After graduating from the College of Osteopaths, Kam has worked in a variety of different practices, including chiropractic clinics. She has experience treating a variety of patients from babies, pregnant women, sports injuries and the elderly. Kam has developed good structural techniques from working alongside the chiropractic profession and she incorporates this into osteopathy in a functional way by using soft tissue/myofascial release, articulatory techniques, some cranial, visceral techniques, and lymphatic drainage.

Kam was drawn to Osteopathy after her dad had a serious road traffic accident, which resulted in recurring back pain years later. His recovery was remarkable and inspiring, as he was able to walk after the coma when doctors said that he may not be able to walk again. This inspired her to help others in the same way.

She has a keen interest in practicing Yoga and meditation, keeping active, being outdoors and traveling. This brings a holistic approach to how Kam practices her osteopathy and encourages wellness of the mind and body. She understands the importance and the role of the nervous system plays on this, thus will look at all aspects of the patient’s lifestyle in order to encourage the body’s natural healing process. She also has a keen interest in pediatric cranial osteopathy and has been treating babies successfully for a number of years.

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